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Daily Updates from Grand Bethel 2018

Friday Afternoon


Spirit Award

Bethels earned a new ribbon for their flag for completing a community service project.  The Bethels brought their Bethel Flag to Grand Bethel and were presented with the Spirit Award Ribbon.


Sew and Show

The sew and show competition highlights the talent of our Bethel Daughters.  Each girl modeled the outfit she made.  This year we even had an outfit made out of IKEA bags! Very creative!

Retirement of the Alaska Flag

The first and last Bethel in Alaska closed its Bethel doors early this year.  The Alaska Flag was retired from California Grand Bethel.  Former Grand Bethel Representatives to Alaska and Bethel Representatives of the Alaskan Flag took part in the retirement ceremony.

Leadership Camp

The Leadership Camp Councilors invited everyone to the next Leadership Camps, and announced that there will be a new camp next year for Line Members…Stay Tuned!

Essay Competition – Link to the winning Essay

Category A: Ages 10-13

  • 3rd Place – Rosa Chavez, Bethel No. 244
  • 2nd Place – Julia Kwasnicke, Bethel No. 262
  • 1st Place – Brianna Brennan, Bethel No. 97

Category B: Ages 14-16

  • 3rd Place – Miriam Gilbert, Bethel No. 33
  • 2nd Place – Juliana Barnes, Bethel No. 97
  • 1st Place – Liliana Chomsky, Bethel No. 122

Category C: Ages 17-Majority

  • 3rd Place – Emma Tarabanavic, Bethel No. 3
  • 2nd Place – Sage Davis, Bethel No. 241
  • 1st Place and Perpetual Trophy Winner – Jamey Gallo, Bethel No. 129

Degree of Royal Purple Recipients

  • Ashley Eberhard
  • Coral Pregill
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Tiana Mohondro
  • Sara Wolleson
  • Kellie Rodden

Librarian’s Contest

Category A: Ages 10-13

  • 3rd Place – Charlotte Gill, Bethel No. 129
  • 2nd Place – Miranda Wilbur, Bethel No. 5
  • 1st Place – Avery Lupouci

Category B: Ages 13-14

  • 3rd Place – Kaytlyn Valdez Lindsey, Bethel No. 33
  • 2nd Place – Hanna Wilson, Bethel No. 46
  • 1st Place – Samantha Rohde, Bethel No. 347

Category C: Ages 15-16

  • 2nd Place – Riley Bryant, Bethel No. 157
  • 1st Place – Julianna Barnes, Bethel No. 97

Category D: Ages 17-20

  • 2nd Place – Ashley Blevins, Bethel No. 33
  • 2nd Place – Heidi Wren, Bethel No. 148
  • 1st Place and Perpetual Trophy – Kendra Pfalzgraf, Bethel No. 249

Retiring March of 2017-2018 Grand Bethel Officers

Friday Morning


The Grand Bethel Officers entered the Grand Bethel room to conduct business for the day.

  • A lively Roll Call of the Grand Bethel Officers and the California Bethels
  • Reading of Minutes by the Grand Bethel Recorder
  • Communications including a video message from the Supreme Team
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Librarian’s Report

The Honored Queens and Senior Princesses from all  Bethels in California were escorted and introduced.

We heard Grand Bethel Officer Reports from the Grand Bethel Junior Princess, Grand Bethel Senior Princess, and the Grand Bethel Fifth Messenger!

Mr. Hafeli made a presentation on this year’s Philanthropic Project.  ACT Today! whose mission is to raise awareness and provide treatment services and support to families to help their children with autism achieve their full potential 

The current Grand Bethel Officers and All of the former Grand Bethel Officer came down to the Grand Bethel floor and performed the Grand Bethel Girl song!  It was AWESOME!  Hoping to get some video of that!!  Stay tuned!

Then there was dancing! Y M C A…


Thursday Evening

Opening Ceremony

The 2017-2018 Grand Officers entered the Grand Bethel in true Adventurer form….









The Grand Master of Masons in California was escorted and welcomed by the Grand Bethel Officers, Jo-Bee, and the JD2Bees!


The Most Worshipful Bruce R. Galloway brought greetings from the Grand Lodge of California.  His them this year is “Honoring Our Past, While Shaping Our Future”.


Scholarship Awards

California Job’s Daughter Foundation, Grand Guardian Council, and the Order of the Eastern Star presented scholarships.  Congratulations to all of the recipients!!


Miss California Job’s Daughter Pageant


The evening started with the entrance of all seven of the contestants.  Each contestant introduced herself and took her place on the stage.  The top three candidates were then announced:

Contestant #2 – Alyssa, Bethel No. 157, Newport Beach

Contestant #4 – Isabella, Bethels No. 89, Ventura and No. 289, Granada Hills

Contestant #7 – Kristin, Bethel No 218, Orinda

The top 3 candidates were then given the final question to answer – “Miss California Job’s Daughter has many responsibilities during her year.  What do you feel is an important quality to have to fulfill the duties of Miss California?”

The high score in Ritual and the written test went to Contestant #7 – Kristin. Congratulations!


The 2nd Runner up…Contestant No. 4 – Isabella

The 1st Runner up…Contestant No. 7 – Kristin

Miss California Job’s Daughter 2018-2019 is…..Contestant No. 2 – Alyssa



The Grand Bethel Officers closed the evening with a beautiful formation of the square and compass while signing and singing “Nearer My God to Thee”






Thursday Morning

Volleyball Competition

The Volleyball Teams have arrived and competing to see who will get to play in the final volleyball match!  We can’t wait to see who will get to play in the final competition on the Grand Bethel floor Friday evening!  Good Luck everyone!


Miss California Job’s Daughter Pageant

All of the contestants have arrived and have begun the competition!  They are taking a written test, being interviewed and competing in Ritual.  Everyone looks great and ready to begin.  They have worked hard all year to get to this point.  Congratulations to all the Contestants and the best of luck to you in the Pageant tonight!


Snap Chat Filters

Live Streaming!

We will once again be live streaming the Thursday night MCJD Pageant and the Friday night Grand Bethel Girl picking. We are excited to be able to bring these aspects of our convention to anyone who is not able to celebrate with their Bethels in person. Here is how you can watch:

1. Follow CAJDI YouTube account (

2. We will announce a 10 minute warning on Facebook when the MCJD pageant is about to start. Please check our social media accounts throughout the day for a better time estimate.

3. To stream, go to the CAJDI YouTube account, click on the “live” video stream, and enjoy.

**Please note that we can not guarantee a flawless live-stream. We will do our best to provide you this participation, but should we not be able to, we will announce that on social media as well.Social Media:Be sure to follow all of the California Job’s Daughters Social Media accounts. Use the hastag #cagb18 on your posts…we will be monitoring and selecting images to share on the California JD accounts. If you use the hashtag #cagb18 you are verifying that the people in your posts have media releases!

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