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Meet the 2023-2024 Miss California Job’s Daughter


Past Honored Queen
Bethel No. 249, Newhall

Giving You Opportunities to Lead

One of the many ways that Job’s Daughters encourages young women to be great leaders is through opportunities to represent the state-wide organization at functions, through speaking engagements, and to other organizations. The Miss California Job’s Daughter pageant is a competition for members, that allows them to take another step toward becoming confident leaders.

This competition encourages women to find their strengths and display leadership qualities through a written test, in-person interview, memory recitation, and an unrehearsed question on stage in front of thousands.

It is a state-wide position, that allows one woman each year to earn a spot representing this organization to others. She is able to network, practice public speaking, encourage others, and go on to compete internationally.

Interested in competing?

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Former Miss California Job’s Daughters

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2022-2023Natalie Lira109Bellflower
2021-2022Jessica Anderson345Simi Valley
2019-2021Julianna Barnes97Burbank
2018-2019Alyssa LeCours157Newport Beach
2017-2018Sarah Colbert89
Granada Hills
2016-2017Jessica Garrett289Granada Hills
2015-2016Molly Anderson129
San Jose
2014-2015Rachel Halladay40San Diego
2013-2014Judith Langdon24San Pedro
2012-2013Jessica Anthony1Dublin
2011-2012Megan Goudy148Auburn
2010-2011Katie Allen260Woodland
2009-2010Francesca Long249Newhall
2008-2009Darcy Yates97Burbank
2007-2008Coral Osip Pregill46Susanville
2006-2007Lindsay Solda Roller14Pleasanton
2005-2006Laura Holley164National City
2004-2005Rachel Anderson253Fremont
2003-2004Stefanie Bernhard97Burbank
2002-2003Tanya Almind104Redlands
2001-2002Jennifer Austin-Conti260Woodland
2000-2001Shanna Fuentes208Burbank
1999-2000Shannon Fish Bettencourt290Garden Grove
1998-1999Pamela Sepulveda212Garden Grove
1997-1998Susan James Brennan97Burbank
1996-1997Evin Cooper Milite208Burbank
1995-1996Susan Parker Lasley353San Dimas

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