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We love our Bees!

Are you under 10 and want to be involved with Job’s Daughters? Then become a JD to Bee!

JDs to Bee are girls who love Job’s Daughters and can’t wait to join, but aren’t quite old enough yet. These nine year olds participate in Bethel activities and learn about the organization while waiting for their tenth birthday and their chance to be officially involved.

Each local bethel has their own fun activities, but if you’re lucky enough to be a “Bee” at Grand Bethel, then you get to:

  • Make friends
  • Do crafts
  • Learn a coordinated dance
  • Have fun!

Want to hear more? Contact your local Bethel!

Meet Jo Bee

Hello Jobie World, (and future Jobies too)!

I’m Jo Bee, the mascot for Job’s Daughters here in California! Why a queen bee for a mascot, you ask? Well in Job’s Daughters we are lucky enough to have Bees (our 8 and 9 year old future members), and we have Queens too (the president of each Jobie group is called Honored Queen)! So a QUEEN BEE made perfect sense. I have a great time travelling all over California, spreading the buzz about Job’s Daughters! I have appeared in many parades and festivals, and have met lots of amazing people (including Santa Claus and Ronald McDonald)! I can’t wait to come to your town, and meet YOU!

Great big honey hugs,

Jo Bee

See JDs to Bee in action!