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From Learning to Practicing: Be a Leader

Leadership Camp is a weekend long event that gives our members a fun place to learn how to be leaders. No one is too old or too young to enjoy this weekend!

Leadership Camp has been a part of CA Job’s Daughters for over 30 years. It is held twice a year, once in Northern CA and once in Southern CA. Each camp is organized and ran by older members (Counselors) and is focused on developing attendee’s leadership skills through fun activities.

From Counselors, to CIT’s (Counselors in Training), to campers, it is an opportunity to learn and grow in an environment full of fun!


As a camper, you get to

  • Enjoy mini training sessions on various topics
  • Participate in field activities and team bonding
  • Build friendships and make new friends
  • Learn how to be a dynamic leader at every age

As a CIT, you get to

  • Work with a counselor to learn about caring for other attendees
  • Help campers feel included and understand the trainings
  • Keep your group together and enjoying camp
  • Be an extra set of hands to help with activities, group training, and more!

As a Counselor, you get to

  • Organize the camp weekend
  • Decide and create what training sessions occur
  • Lead campers and CIT’s in all activities
  • Practice public speaking
  • Learn and execute event planning

Want to know more about what’s happening in between camp weekends? Stay in touch or learn more:

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