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Alumni Member: a Bethel member who was in good standing at the time of her 20th birthday, or an adult who has worked with a Bethel for a minimum of three years.


Alumni Association Event

January 27th – Roseville, CA – Following the GGOV

Contact: Alumni Committee

Being part of Job’s Daughters doesn’t have to stop once you’re no longer of membership age (10-20). Many Majority Members continue to be involved with Job’s Daughters International in many ways.

Some join the adults of a local Bethel to continue developing young women’s abilities to run meetings, develop events, and plan fundraisers. Some join committees that allow them to use what they learned as a member to plan larger events and opportunities for the larger organization. Some move on to other parts of life, and return later to become part of the Job’s Daughter experience once again.

Whatever your stage of life, we want you to join us!

Get involved

There’s two ways to get involved:

How to Join the Alumni Association:

California Job’s Daughters Alumni Association: a group of Majority Members and volunteers, dedicated to providing resources to members, and pairing JD Alumni with Bethels to assist in encouraging and teaching young women how to be strong leaders.

Our Alumni Association is guided by an appointed committee of alumni, dedicated to connecting our alumni with active Bethels. By using available resources, the Alumni Association can increase bethel membership, identify future adult volunteers, and develop special skills that can be used to enhance CAJDI.

Become a lifetime member by completing an application and a lifetime membership fee of $30.00 donation. You will receive a membership card and an alumni pin.

Have Questions?

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