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Grand Bethel is what we call the once a year, state-wide gathering of all of the California members. It is a time of fun, friendship, and fellowship!

Taking place in June each year, it is a 3 day event full of competitions, business meetings, socials, and fun! Throughout the year bethels fundraise and prepare for Grand Bethel, so that as many girls can attend as possible. Even our JD to Bees have a place here! We have a special program just for them, so that they can participate in some of the fun too.

2022-2023 Grand Bethel Officers

There’s also a huge celebration of members who have gone above and beyond for their bethels, both in friendship and in leadership. These girls are nominated and selected by the girls in their local bethel, and if selected, travel around the state for a year representing their bethel to all the other bethels in California, and sometimes even internationally. We call them Grand Bethel Officers. It’s a great way to celebrate a member who does amazing things for their peers!