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Darci, Member from 1983-1991

“I’m a small business owner with my own independent Insurance Agency and a mom with two boys (in DeMolay!). Been doing this since 2002. JD taught me organization, budgeting, and communication skills to name a few.” -Darci


Andrea, Member from 1982-1991

“I’m a mom and a lawyer. I don’t think I’d ever have been able to get up in court and argue my client’s case if I hadn’t learned public speaking in JDI.” -Andrea



Elaine, Member from 1982-1991

“I’m a mom of two amazing and well-adjusted kids, and also the Operations Director for a multi-million budget non-profit. I run the entire administration department and am thankful everyday for the public speaking, lessons on respect, and diplomacy. I’m thankful frequently for the lessons learned in Job’s Daughters.” -Elaine

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