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Members are encouraged to be part of their local communities. To support this, the Bethels (individual locations for member groups) in California give back to their communities in different ways. This may be through parades, servings , fundraisers, community services, and more. These events are chosen, planned, and executed by the members in their bethel, allowing them to develop a desire to be involved in their local communities.


project-logoEach year, California Job’s Daughters supports a different organization, to build a love of community and charity in all members. This year’s organization is Project Confidence.  Project Confidence is a partnership with the California School Nurses Organization to provide hygiene products to students in need.

The Bethel Daughters will be collecting various hygiene products and placing them in what we are calling “sparkle bags”.  This is an amazing opportunity to help build confidence, support education, and to be kind to each other.

The members around the state are fundraising for Project Confidence, collecting both physical items and fiscal donations to support this organization in their goal to aid children. Each bethel is fundraising in different ways, and is committed to supporting this cause. Contact your local bethel to learn more about their plans to give back.


HIKE has been a partner for Job’s Daughters International for many years. Through HIKE, Job’s Daughters International has embraced the needs of hearing impaired children. HIKE stands for:

HEARING- process, function or power of perceiving sound
IMPAIRED- diminished in quality, value, or strength
KIDS- children of all races, creed, or color
ENDOWMENT- providing or equipping gratuitously

The HIKE Fund, Inc. is a not for profit charity incorporated under the laws of the State of Nebraska and registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt charity… The purpose of the Fund is to provide hearing devices for children with hearing losses between the ages of newborn and twenty years whose parents are unable to meet this special need financially. An estimated 100 children are provided with hearing devices each year.

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