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California Grand Bethel 2019

Daily Updates from Grand Bethel 2019

73rd Installation of the Grand Bethel Officers

Announcement of the 2019-2020 Grand Bethel Officers

Philanthropic Project Presentation

The Associate Grand Guardian gave a brief overview of the 2019 Philanthropic Project, Freedom Dogs.  Their were quite a few freedom dogs in attendance with their handlers.  It was announced that Freedom Dogs has a new facility and a conference room is being named after Jobie,  Freedom Dog that was named after Job’s Daughters in 2011.


Friday Morning

We are ready for a full day of activities!  Have Faith and Take a Leap!

Miss California Job’s Daughter Pageant

This is the moment that the new Miss California Job’s Daughter heard her name announced.  Congratulations, Julianna, Bethel 97 Burbank!

Congratulations to all the contestants participating in the Miss California Job’s Daughter Pageant.

Thursday Formal Opening

Miss California Job’s Daughter Competition

MCJD Alyssa and the contestants had a very busy day today.  Testing, interviews and ritual competition is complete and they are now ready for the Pageant.  Miss International Job’s Daughter stopped by for some encouragement.  Alyssa has done an incredible job this year representing California – Congratulations, Alyssa and Good Luck to everyone tonight!


Volleyball Competition – Two teams advance to the Final Match!

Congratulations to all the teams that competed in Volleyball today!  The two teams that are advancing to the Friday night final match are Bethel 97, Burbank and Bethel 345, Simi Valley!  Good luck!


Thursday – Pre-Session

Things are happening in Ontario!  The Grand Bethel Officers are busy practicing for the session, volleyball competition is in full swing, and the Miss California Job’s Daughter Candidates are competing!

Miss International Job’s Daughter stopped by the Volleyball Competition to wish them luck!



Live Streaming at Grand Bethel

We will once again be live streaming the Thursday night MCJD Pageant and the Friday night Grand Bethel Girl picking. We are excited to be able to bring these aspects of our convention to anyone who is not able to celebrate with their Bethels in person. Here is how you can watch:

1. Follow California Jobs Daughters YouTube account (

2. We will announce a 10 minute warning on Facebook when the MCJD pageant is about to start. Please check our social media accounts throughout the day for a better time estimate.

3. To stream, go to the California Job’s Daughters YouTube account, click on the “live” video stream, and enjoy.
**Please note that we can not guarantee a flawless live-stream. We will do our best to provide you this participation, but should we not be able to, we will announce that on social media as well.

We will be posting updates about Grand Bethel throughout the session. To stay informed, follow ALL of our social media accounts and check out the temporary Grand Bethel page on It is a drop down from the top of the screen, you can’t miss it!

Social Media:

Be sure to follow all of the California Job’s Daughters Social Media accounts. Use the hastag #cagb19 on your posts…we will be monitoring and selecting images to share on the California JD accounts. If you use the hashtag #cagb19 you are verifying that the people in your posts have media releases!

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Social Media Information:

If you are unable to attend and want you to still be able to share in the excitement!  We will be updating this page with highlights from Grand Bethel 2019, so check back often! #cagb19 #cajdi

In addition we will be posting on our other social media accounts – Follow us now!

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Twitter: @CAJobsDaughters
Facebook: @cajobsdaughters
Youtube: California Job’s Daughters
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